About us

Danny Rose is a multidisciplinary art and design collective that specializes in creating and realizing super-sized audiovisual shows, multimedia immersive experiences, interactive 3D mapping on urban surfaces, architectural art mapping, multimedia installations, light shows… ranging from music, theater, opera, museum design, light festivals, public space staging …

The team's artistic approach is centered on synesthetic immersive experience. It has developed a concept of sensorial narration, based on cutting-edge video projection technologies and sound spatialisation to enhance a space and plunge the public into the heart of the experience. Impressions derive from different senses, and all participate in the perception of the piece of work, which is conceived as a whole.

Danny Rose also is a pioneer in the field of interactivity, adding a new dimension to video mapping through dynamic interactivity between the body movements of the user and the immersive visual and auditive experience.


Danny Rose recently received the prize for innovative technology at the DIGI Awards in New York for Play Me! , an interactive video mapping installation. At the AEAF Awards in Sydney, Australia, that reward the best animation and vfx creations around the world in different categories including films, TV series, commercials and live events, the team was recognized in 2015 for Mechanised Colour Assemblage, and in 2017 they won the Gold Award in the live event category with Organic Vibrations.

The Collective

Sergio Carrubba, director, creative director and Paola Ciucci, artistic director and projection designer, are the co-founders of Danny Rose. They are joined by the visual artists Lucia Frigola and Cédric Péri.
This creative core is sided by a network of composers, visual artists, code artists, musicians, actors, 3D designers.