• Danny Rose wins AEAF Award

    The prestigious online festival awards Danny Rose for Mechanised Colour Assemblage presented at Vivid Sydney 2015.

  • Mechanised Colour Assemblage

    Digital art installation performed at Vivid Sydney 2015 on the Museum of Contemporary Art facade

  • Danny Rose wins 2015 DIGI Award

    International recognition of interactive 3D projection mapping first!

    "Play Me!" at Vivid Sydney 2014, wins Judges Choice Award at the DIGI Awards 2015 of New York City.

  • "Play Me!"

    An interactive 3D mapping experience where you can "play" the building like an instrument, presented at Vivid Sydney 2014

  • Move your Building

    An interactive 3D mapping allowing the audience to dance with the building, an art&fun experience presented at Vivid Sydney 2013